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If you own a pet then you already know how difficult it is to clean all the mess caused by them. Pet stains are a real problem and it is not so easy to get rid of them.

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Professional Pet Stain & Odor Removal Service In Humble, TX

Your carpets and upholstery can get urine stains if your pet has peed on them also it smells really bad. The stained area you see is hiding damage underneath as the stain is likely to extend on the carpet. Our effective methods eradicate the stain and odor at all levels. This means the stain will be completely gone rather than just hiding it with a pillow or sheet. We clean the surface area of your floor without damaging it. The secret of our ability is that we use a dry cleaning method that removes the stain completely. So you don’t have to worry about your carpet getting damaged while cleaning.

We never use any method which may destroy your carpet completely or cause it to grow mold. Some stains are not visible by the naked eyes so we use UV light to spot all the stains which were hiding under the carpet. This helps us to locate all the stains and remove them effectively. Urine has a high concentration of urea which increases the chance of corrosion in your carpet if you don’t clean it properly. Pet urine can damage your carpet if not takes care of. It is fun to have a pet around in the house however it is very difficult to clean all the mess that they cause. Dealing with pet stains and the health risks they possess for kids and members of the family can make you think twice before having pets. With Humble Carpet Cleaning Pros spring you get all your carpets cleaned with modern techniques without having to worry about anything.

Cleaning the stains by hand will take a much longer time if you try to do it and most importantly it won’t remove the stain completely. On the other hand, a professional cleaner can remove the stains very easily and effectively. And the cleaners do not only remove the stain completely but also the odor of the urine too. The techniques which we use are much more reliable than the shop-bought remedies. The shop-bought remedies contain a harmful chemical that can also harm your carpet. And most importantly it only covers the odor of the urine temporarily. This chemical destroys your carpet and also leaves traces in your house. The smell of pet urine can pass through the whole house and it can also affect your health and happiness.

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When your pet leaves a mess on a carpet or a rug it is tempting to go to a store and buy something to get rid of that stain and odor but damaging your carpet in the long run. So rather than doing these things just call us and tell us your requirements. We will provide you all the services that you need within your budget.

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